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Semi-Privacy Fence
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Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence

Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fences by Leo Fence are made of only the highest quality, 100% virgin vinyl material. They offer not only a high amount of safety and security for both children and pets, but also allow airflow and the perfect amount of seclusion to the yard. Some homeowners like lattice-top over the full privacy vinyl fence, while others prefer the pickets-top style. For more standard and custom fence designs, please check with us. 

1. Introduction

Both Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fences and Full Privacy Vinyl Fences are providing security and elegance to the home yard or commercial property. However, for a private lovely space that is loading memories and also the breeze with sunlight, Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence checks all the boxes.

Popular Styles of the Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence

1.1 Lattice Topper Semi-Privacy

The Lattice Topper Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence will enhance your outdoor living area. Constructed of durable vinyl material, the 3-rail spaced panel offers low maintenance with no painting, scraping, or staining. You can have different lattice styles like diagonal, square, and lattice accent toppers from Leo Fence.

1.2 Picket Topper Semi-Privacy

Our classic Picket Topper Vinyl Fence offers the charm, durability, and elegance that you expect from picket fencing. From straight picket-top fences to decorative scalloped picket-top fences, you’ll find a wide selection of Semi-Privacy styles to suit your tastes from our Vinyl Fence designs. 

1.3 Vertical Picket Semi-Privacy

With closed-top and narrowly spaced, the Vertical Picket Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fence is creating a private accent to any outdoor space. Giving a high level of seclusion and style with the airflow and light offering, it is produced with premium quality in the industry. You and your customers will love it!

1.4 Horizontal Picket Semi-Privacy

Horizontal Picket Vinyl Fence as the Semi-Privacy style has become one of the hottest design trends in exterior architecture today. Leo Fence has put in a lot of effort on this. With our budget-friendly price and expertise, Leo Fence would like to be your 1st choice for Vinyl Fence wholesale purchasing.

2. Manufacturing

What is the vinyl fence made from? Briefly speaking, it is Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). The extrusion equipment makes the vinyl/PVC resin with mixed materials melt and forced to the final high-strength rigid profiles like rails, tongue & groove panels, posts, u channel, etc. There are two primary manufacturing methods: mono-extrusion & co-extrusion. Mono-extrusion is injecting PVC with ultraviolet inhibitors, producing a fence profile composed of a single layer; Co-extrusion involves two layers of PVC, including a cover layer and an inner layer: the two layers are chemically attached through great pressure & high temperatures so that they forge a molecular bond and cannot be separated. 

CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Routing is a precise method of cutting a design from the vinyl profile using CAD and CAM to guide it. It holds the vinyl posts, rails, and pickets to have the needed look of final vinyl fences.

3. Package

We make the vinyl fence package by component with a label on it. That means the rails, tongue & groove panels, posts, and pre-assembled gates will be wrapped separately. For the purpose of loading in the container, the small parts of the vinyl fence, like u channels/aluminum inserts, will be put into the post or picket, or the picket will be put into the vinyl post. 

At Leo Fence, the standard packing style is to wrap the material with seaworthy plastic bags. That is the best way to have the max material loading with minimum package cost. Several customers have special requests like wood/plastic pallet packing, which is good to check, just at a higher cost but easy for the materials moving with a forklift.

4. Shipment

With more than 12 years of experience, Leo Fence is committed to providing excellent service, especially great shipping service for each order and customer.

As a top vinyl fence manufacturer in China, we make wholesale shipments worldwide in full 20’/40′ shipping containers. Small samples for your quality checking will be sent by couriers like FedEx, DHL, or UPS.

You can contact Leo Fence 24/7 for the most competitive quote! We check ocean freight for every order to make sure you get our best delivery service. Most wholesale orders ship within 20 working days; sample orders ship within 3 days.

We are always here and ready to help. Hope to work together on your fence projects or distribution business.